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The · Women's · Association

1st floor of Guild, between committee Rms 1&3

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I'm posting this here on behalf of bethanthepurple, our Women's Conference delegate this year.

It's worth reading this along with the Final Motions Document (found on this page), so you can follow all the decisions we made at conference. I've also left all the documents we received at conference in the women's room so feel free to go there and look at them yourselves or ask a Women's Association member so you can have a look at what we decided on.

I hope you can follow the structure of this. There are 6 motions we discussed, and specific things to discuss specially come in their own mini-motions called "amendments". "Parts" are when we want to keep the motion, but don't like some of the text, so we vote to get rid of bits of the text til we are happy with the motion.

Even if you don't have a LiveJournal account, feel free to comment on this post anonymously, signing with a name if you want.

I shall write more posts about workshops & talks at conference in the next few days. It was an incredible experience and there's so much we can learn and work on form this. I picked up lots of accessible routes for "non-feminists" into the women's lib movement which would be great for getting people involved.

Also, for the record, I'm now NUS Women's Bi Officer.

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